to the class of 2012: celebrations and hesitations

it has always struck me how odd the moments are when inspiration and deep thinking meld together to form blog posts in my head.  here i am, on a random, ridiculously foggy monday night.  11:21 p.m…. i haven’t blogged in weeks (possibly months at this point) and yet here’s a heart overflowing and fingers ready to type….


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Transitions are something that we all become familiar with at some point in our lives.  Usually this begins around the time we graduate from high school and find that our friends are going off to college, or off to jobs, or off to the military — off to start their life anew.  A time of celebration and hesitation.  There are graduations.  And there are weddings.  And there are friends moving away.  And there are new friends.  And there is change.  Lots and lots of change.

You see, while we celebrate milestones in life — we also hesitate to do so.  In the same instance we are celebrating a milestone such as completing a 3-year graduate degree of all things divine — we mourn the loss of our current normalcy.  Our friends we’ve made will no longer be across the hall or down the stairwell — they’ll be across the city or on the other side of the world.  The singing that we’ve heard through the vent of our bathroom and the cat therapy that we’ve attempted to seek across the hall no longer exist.  We long to celebrate …. and yet, we hesitate.

I’ve been through enough graduations, my own and otherwise, in my lifetime that you might think these transitions become easier to handle … but they don’t.  A vulnerable heart doesn’t heal quickly from change.  I hope you forgive me, Class of 2012, when I long to celebrate with you and for you but the hesitation happens.

To this year’s class of 2012 at McCormick — I hope these words might express the gratitude that I feel towards each of you, even in the moments when I will hesitate to say them.  Our overlapping paths have taught me so much in this one school year — you have challenged, affirmed, pushed, pulled, accepted, laughed, cried, screamed, cooked, baked, hugged, homeletic-high-fived, preached, whispered, prayed, read, and understood.  And I needed that.  McCormick needed that.  The world continues to need that.  All of that.

I hope you keep giving, and if I know you all like I think I know you — the world is in for the gentle treat of a rude awakening from each of you and all of you.

courtesy of Peter Shin

So while hesitations will come.  For me.  For you.  For all of us. Celebrations will continue.  Lives will continue.  Changes will happen and hope will appear.

Thank you Class of 2012.  Now, go knock the world’s socks off.


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One Response to to the class of 2012: celebrations and hesitations

  1. juliegvillo says:

    (((((HUGS))))). I understand. Thanks for sharing that. ❤

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