a wolf in my clothing..

If you’re friends with me on facebook or follow me on twitter then you might have noticed this picture in your newsfeed lately:

Originally, I posted it with the caption, “This happened today.  Best day ever!”  Reflecting back on that post (as good bloggers do) — I realized that the caption has the possibility of being misinterpreted and I wanted to take this opportunity to clear the air a bit.  Here are a few of the possibilities that I thought might have run through your mind as you noticed the picture, either now or in your feed on social media:

Local Publicity Stunt:  In this scenario, you probably rolled your eyes, and perhaps a smirk escaped your lips when you noticed the picture.  Knowing my personality and social media addiction, you might have clicked the “like” button and continued to scroll down the page, assuming that the picture would soon end up as a profile picture — and thus was most likely the reason for taking said picture in the first place.

The “That girl is crazy” mindset:  This differs just a bit from the above scenario when you decided that a 28-year-old bought a fad hat when the winter hasn’t been cold and spring is nearly upon us — thus, “this girl is crazy.”

Disapproving of Indulgence:  In this scenario — you might have assumed that this part-time-working, full-time-seminary-student-who-is constantly-referring-to-the-face-that-she-has-no-money-but-obviously-had-enough-to-buy-a-fake-fur-hat-that-she’ll-only-wear-once — was totally flaunting my frivolous-ness all over the internet with this picture. You might have scoffed, or rolled those eyes, or sighed, or even got a little perturbed at the whole thing.

See — the thing is:  I’ve been guilty of assuming pictures, facebook stati, and even other real life conversations into one of these categories.  Assuming the worst, and judging without knowing the person or the story behind it.  It’s not a pleasant thing, this judgment.

You know why?

Because the story is the best part.  The story draws you in and makes you actually think about the situation — and you might even have a change of heart…

The story for this one is simple — but it might soften your heart a little if you dare to read it:

Just after Christmas, I was inspired by my cousins to buy a furry animal hat that went along with theirs.  After much seaching online and debating — I finally settled upon the cutest and most Stephanie-like selection:  a grey wolf hat.  Ordered it January 3.  Got the shipping confirmation on January 6.

And then I waited….

…and waited….

….and waited….

After numerous e-mails with the company — it seemed that my precious cargo was lost in transit and they ended up sending another one.  By this time it had been about 2 months since the original order —- 2 months of anticipation that I might see that little grey package in the lobby of the 1400 building upon returning from class … and everyday disappointment when it, alas, was no where to be found.  2 months of difficult classes, papers, mission trips, and reading, reading, oh the endless reading of this semester!  2 months of the honeymoon of the first semester of seminary ending and realization of the academic and emotional roller coaster that I just noticed I was on ….

2 months can be a long time….

See — when this wolf hat showed up on my kitchen counter yesterday — it was more than a package of fake fur and polyester …. it was a break in the monotony.  It was a glimmer of hope in a tunnel of doubt — and it was, dare I say it — a symbol of hope for redemption.

I realize this is a lot to place on one little package.  and I promise you it is nothing but a symbol of all these things.  But it’s what I needed at that moment, to remind me that in the ups and downs, joys and stresses in life — there is always room for a bit of fun and hope.

I’ve found mine for the moment — where do you find yours?

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One Response to a wolf in my clothing..

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love you……mom

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