heavy heart, heavy post

It took me a little while to write this post, but I had to write it.

Two weeks ago, a small group from McCormick attended the Transgender Day of Remembrance at the University of Illinois at Chicago campus.  It was powerful, moving, and completely horrible.  Do not misunderstand me — it was a day of transformation of my spirit in a very deep way — but the fact that this day needs to happen is tragically astounding.

The presentation was filled with names of people who identify as transgender [or were perceived to be transgender] who were tragically killed due to the hatred of this world.  There were so many names.  So many.  There were so many “unidentified” people — people who were killed with such hate and then left abandoned by everyone they knew.  People who were stripped of their dignity for attempting to express themselves.  People who were tortured because of other people’s fear and ignorance and confusion.

I understand that the audience reading this blog might have their own ideas and opinions about people who identify under the transgender umbrella — doubts that it’s real, thoughts about choice, hesistations because of faith belief systems.  I’m not expecting you to arrive at the same spiritual thought that I’ve journeyed to …. that’s not the point of this blog, really.

The point of this blog is to ask a question.  A simple question, really….

What in the world are we doing?

What are we doing to people?  To our sisters, our brothers, our siblings?  Are we not all created by God?  Are we all not people attempting to express ourselves?  Are we not sometimes, ourselves, affected by a larger system that is set in place by people who supposedly ‘know better’?  When did we come to think that we are better than anyone?  That we have the power to police other people?  To hurt them?  To antagonize?  To make fun of?  To kill?

I think, if we’re really honest with ourselves, we need to wrestle with these questions.

We need to start creating true community in this world.  Community that is actually inclusive to all of God’s children, without condition.  That community starts with one person.

Just one.

It starts with listening.  Learning.  It starts with interruption of thought and practice.  It starts with one … and spreads to many.

How can you be a part of this community?


About stepanana

just a girl writing about life through this lens.....
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2 Responses to heavy heart, heavy post

  1. David Pepple says:

    Heartmind words presented with insight, passion and compassion. Blessings to you as you traverse this incredible journey.

  2. Molly Hall says:

    Thank you Stephanie for sharing your insightful thoughts on the Transgender Day of Remembrance and expanding my perspective.

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