traditionally nontraditional thankfulness

Remember those viral “posts” that happened on Facebook a few years ago:  the 25 random things about yourself?  This week I’m mixing my list of thanks with that format.  Bear with me 🙂

This year, I’m thankful …

1.   …for having the opportunity to spend the holiday with my family — even with all their craziness.  They explain who I am and how I am … and sometimes I just need that confirmation in this mixed-up world.
2.   …for puppies and people who allow me to ‘get my fix’ when mine is temporarily estranged.
3.  …for having the blessing of so many friends now living in the Chicago area — love it.
4.  …for the weather this fall … Chicago winter is coming soon, but this fall has been beautiful.
5.  …for birthdays and celebrations, for throwing silly parties like superheros in the midst of stress.
6.  …for donations from alumni donors that make it possible for me to get this theological education.
7.  …for blogging, which allows me to de-stress, process, and express myself in ways I didn’t know I could.
8.  …for the community here at McCormick — which has blessed me in ways I can’t fathom and taught me more about myself then I knew I could learn.
9.  …for friends who know when I’m having a rough time and take time to inquire.
10.  …for friends who know when I’m having a great time and who laughingly share the joy with me.
11.  …for libraries in abundance that I have access to on a daily basis.
12.  …for the support and love that my home congregation (both new and old) shows to me.
13.  …for my parent’s willingness to journey through this entire discernment process with me even when they weren’t able to understand it fully.
14.  …for the random, candid, honest, brutal, hard, wonderful and thoughtful conversations with friends, family, and even strangers that have opened up because of my starting seminary.
15.  …for neat-freak, self-identified, and song-filled roommates who keep me honest and laughing.
16.  …for discovering that baking and cooking can be spiritual practices.
17.   …for dreams and the people who help me process them in the morning.
18.  …for people, places, and organizations that provide safe spaces for those who are outcast and ostracized by our society.
19.  …for music and lyrics that help me to express my thoughts and feelings when words are not sufficient.
20.  …for advocates, allies, and especially for the people who identify outside of social norms, who are bravely teaching the world about what it truly means to be a human being.
21.  …for social media and its ability to connect those far away.
22.  …for weddings, engagements, and babies that have happened in the past year — and for the comfort and support of those who have experienced broken relationships and fertility difficulties.
23. …for impromptu Spanish lessons.  and for the phrases I learn from them:  “Estefaaaan”  “for what?” “I understand that” and “mi amiga”
24.  …for cultural lessons that occur through teaching this white girl how to dance and exposing her to motown christmas.

and finally, I’m thankful…

25.  …for where the past year has led me.  It’s been quite a year:  Applying to seminary, getting in, starting, quitting my job, moving, skydiving, getting a tattoo, starting a new job, … and the list continues

What are you thankful for?

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One Response to traditionally nontraditional thankfulness

  1. amy dolan says:

    love this post — grateful that god brought you into my life. happy thanksgiving!

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