Common English Bible Blog Tour

There are lots of things happening this week.  The holidays are approaching — and of course, of course you have all remembered that it is National Bible Week.

That’s right.  You heard me.  National Bible Week.

Rock on.

This year I’ve joined the Common English Bible’s Blog Tour.  This means that I’ll be posting   for the next 3 months with themes about the newest version of the bible to hit the stands — and I’m making the commitment to you all that every Monday you will see a post about the CEB bible, or something related to it.

[To learn more about the Common English Bible translation — check out the website here and/or like them on Facebook here.]

I’ve been using the Common English Bible with the children that I work with as a Children’s Director, and as a seminary student at McCormick we have been encouraged to explore this translation this semester.  So here’s my question for today:  what would you like to see for this blog?  What questions do you have?  Concerns?  Comments?  Anything at all — I’m open to suggestions to add to my list of ideas of where to go with the blog tour!

Happy are people who make peace, because they will be called God’s children. — Matthew 5:9, CEB



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