Now ya gotta cut loose — Footloose!

I’m not a dancer.  Never have been.  I’m trying to change that about myself.  I envy people who are able to cut loose like they just don’t care and let the music sweep them away.  I envy people like my grandmother, who was the first one out on the dance floor 2 weeks ago at a wedding reception.  She jumped right in with all the sorority girls without thinking twice about it.

I envy that.

This past week I was at a party where there was dancing.  (Did I mention I don’t dance?  Why do I keep going to these things?)  One friend starting showing me basic moves so I could learn.  As she moved on to moves that were more advanced (ok … just more advanced for me) — I got nervous.  Until this point I could  chair-dance, and I could laugh and feel silly and no one could make fun of me.  Now I had to go big or go home.

Standing up is a different story.  It made me vulnerable.
It put me on the line.  Open for ridicule.

I could stand up or give up.  A decision had to be made.

I chose to stand up.  and dance.

People could have laughed at me.  (With good reason, mind you.)
But they didn’t.

They helped.  They taught.  They encouraged.

And I danced.

There are times when we face a crossroads.  Do we continue on a path that might lead us to ridicule and judgement, but might also free us?  Or do we stay behind and limit ourselves to our own comfort zone?  These are choices we face on a regular basis.  Each choice has the opportunity to stretch us in new dimensions we haven’t even considered.  (This weekend, you might just find me pop and locking and won’t even know what hit you.)

Even when we stand up and it makes people laugh, or we lose the beat, or the music stops — we look to those around us to get us back on track — and we look to the one who wrote the music in the first place in order to find our rhythm again.  Sometimes we have to return to our seats — but this is only temporary.

When will you stand up and dance?

This post was written in response to the blogging challenge titled, “Footloose”.  Please check out another response to this same prompt at Julie’s Blog.

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5 Responses to Now ya gotta cut loose — Footloose!

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  2. juliegvillo says:

    WHAT?! YOU’RE not a DANCER?! You were ROCKIN’ IT at the wedding! I never would have guessed that you didn’t consider yourself a dancer!

    O.K., can I just say that I LOVE the shot of your grandma!?!?! That. Is. AWESOME! SHE is awesome, frankly. 🙂 Love it.

    Great job, Teff. 🙂 I, too, love how we took totally different approaches, but then … that’s what happens when we “cut footloose” …. not a bad thing at all, it seems to me. 🙂

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