{birthdays} :: a call for celebration

birthdays are funny things.

for the first couple years of life — we stroll through them, unaware of the importance of the parties and celebration.  we dive into cake and accept new toys.

eventually we connect the day and the significance — and we anticipate this day on the calendar … sometimes even more than christmas because it’s a day all to ourselves.  this day brings joy, celebration, and of course, more cake.

we look forward to age 16 …. age 18 …. age 21 — all those ages in which we are given more privileged and responsibility.

then something interesting happens …..

it’s like a wall.

a wall to keep out birthdays … and we begin to associate birthdays, not with celebration and parties and presents — but with aging, bucket lists, and that arbitrary number that stares back at us from our IDs.

i’m calling a rally to change all of this.

no more will we drown in the sorrow of our inevitable birthdays.
no more will we compare the number we newly identify with to the list of social expectations from 20 years prior.
no more will we give each other ‘over the hill’ cards and act as if a new zero at the end of our age means we are forced into a new stage in life.
no more will we merely tolerate birthdays as they roll along —

we must make a pact to celebrate:  with ourselves, with friends, and of course, with cake.

bring on the cake.

image taken from freedigitalphotos.net

About stepanana

just a girl writing about life through this lens.....
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