a day in the life of a first-year seminarian

Some of you might be wondering what going to seminary is all about.  This might not be the blog post for you.

Seminary is about a lot of things:  growing in faith, truth, trust, becoming biblical scholars, executing the craft of exegesis and preaching the word, praying with people, fighting for social justice — and while all good and noble things:  everyday seminary is a lot like undergrad at a public institution.  and yet …. different.

Just to prove my point — here is an example of a day out of my life.  Namely … yesterday.

8:00  Try to remember why in the world I set my alarm for 8.  Then remember the last-minute studying I told myself I was going to do.

8:07  Pull self out of bed

8:11  Find Hebrew flashcards.  Watch Hebrew alphabet song.  Practice writing letters for quiz.

8:30  Wonder why I set my alarm this early.  Again.

8:31  Shower and throw on some clothes that are actually hanging up and in their place because yes, for once, I’m trying to be a clean person.

9:00  eat breakfast of champions:  frosted shredded wheat.  delicious.  say hi to roommates.

9:15  Look over flashcards again.  Get on computer.  Play on facebook.  Then twitter.  Check e-mail.

9:45  Wonder where that half hour just went.  Look over flashcards again.

10:00  Leave for class.

10:01  Go back in apartment because I need my headphones.

10:02  Look for headphones.

10:05  Finally find headphones.  Leave for class.

10:15  Meet Shelley and her dogs.  Stop and chat.  Meet Dirk who is heading to class.  Go to class.

10:30  Hebrew class starts.  Have quiz.  Rock it.

12:00  Go with Dirk and Ally to the library to attempt to figure out what exactly my history professor is asking you to do.

12:40  Realize that you can’t do anything right now because you haven’t actually done the readings for the next class.

12:45  See Ken in the hallway heading towards the library.  Realize that he hasn’t even gotten his card yet.  Feel good about yourself.  Leave for home.

1:05  E-mail history professor.  Answer other e-mails.

1:07 – 3:45  waste random time.  Talk about reading and studying.  Lose memory of what actually happened during this time.

3:45  leave for class with Melva.

4:00  Attempt to apply for tutoring job.

4:10  Realize I can’t because you can’t find the application.

4:20  Play words with friends in the lobby.

4:45  Return  upstairs with Melva to find application.  She wins.

4:55  Fill out application

5:00  Class starts.

9:00  Class finishes.  I now have the song “This Little Light of Mine” in my head.  Keep repeating this the entire way home.

9:15  Hang out in Katie and Sara’s room for a few.

9:30  Play show and tell with the “Ask Me Jesus” in my apartment.

9:36  Play on facebook and the rest of the internet.

10:00  Bond with Angelica over Selena music.  Dance around the apartment.  Learn how to Salsa from roommate.  Attempt to learn the Thriller dance from MJ video.  Do the Macarena.

12:00  Truck if off to bed.

and there you have it folks.  A day in the life.  I’m sure this schedule is an eye-opening experience for you all.  and I’m sure I will have more to report to you later.

Peace to you all.

About stepanana

just a girl writing about life through this lens.....
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