praise from the daisies.

So, if you know anything about me (and it’s quite possible that you don’t at this point in time) … you know that I get on kicks and go through phases concerning movies, tv, and music like it’s my job.  My most recent kick was the show ‘Pushing Daisies’ which ran for 2 seasons before being cancelled in 2009 on ABC Family.

It was quirky.  It was funny.  Parts were cheesy.

Fits me perfectly, eh?

What I really loved about this show was its ability to be over the top comedic and then hit you with a tender moment like nobody’s business.  This clip is probably my favorite from the entire series — the two women you see are sisters who used to perform a synchronized swimming act together before losing their niece in a terrible accident.  At this point in the show, they resurrect themselves back into the business after struggling and questioning life as they experienced great loss.

I think it fantastic that the producers decided to use an old hymn — emphasizing the resurrection theme from Christianity and relaying that into the character’s everyday life.

That’s really the story of life and love, isn’t it?  The stories that we hear and we tell aren’t only important because they happened — but because they continue to happen.

“Morning has broken, like the first morning….”

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