you are more than …

Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve done something so awful, you just can’t be forgiven?

Perhaps you’ve grown up hearing and learning about Christian values.  Perhaps not.  You’ve been taught to believe in a God who loves and forgives … and yet, you stand in the mirror and see a person who has made some rough choices and hard decisions.  Sometimes for the better …. and sometimes not.

You know in your head that there’s a God who forgives.  In fact, you admit aloud that you know you’ve been forgiven …. and yet, you aren’t able to forgive yourself.

Where does that comes from?

Where did we learn that we must be more accountable to ourselves than to God?
Where did we learn that being forgiven has to bring guilt?  

Where did we learn that God’s love is conditional?  
Where did we learn that healing has to be justified and earned?

I imagine there are many answers to these questions … and many more questions at that.  I’ve been in that dark, unsure place before.  It’s not an easy place to crawl out of … and yet so freeing when you do.

So if you’re in a place like this right now … or perhaps you know someone who is — be encouraged by these words:

“don’t you know who you are?  you are more…”

About stepanana

just a girl writing about life through this lens.....
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