moving made easy. or at least better…

I don’t know about you, but I hate moving.  The whole process, finding a new place, telling the landlord you’re leaving, packing, scheduling, lifting, rearranging — none of it appeals to me.  As it stands, however, I am at a time when I feel that I have some sort of expertise on the subject [having now moved about 12 times, including all those college moves] and what better way to share it with you than a top 10 list:

How to make moving a stellar experience:

10.  Select a moving date that many people will be able to make in order to eliminate that excuse from their vocabulary:  i.e.  a weekend as opposed to a weekday for the working class friends.  It’s true what they say about friends, you can always find them until you need a ride to the airport or when you move.  Help out your own cause.

9.  Plan to give away furniture that is unnecessary at the new place by asking friends and family if there’s anything they might need.  Having them pick it up before the move date making things easier and smoother for you.  Also, they might trade you for it if there’s something you need, or better yet, hand you some cash.  Or helping a friend out just makes you feel better.  Winning all around.

8.  Speaking of helping people out:  use this opportunity to purge things you might have been hanging on to for awhile.  Books, movies, small appliances, small children — whatever you have.  Donate them to charity, or ask others if they would like them.  Arrange to exchange these items before moving day.

7.  Hit up different places for free boxes:  friends who have moved, church, work, restaurants, stores, etc.  UHAUL [and possibly some other moving places] have box exchanges in the store where you can take free used boxes.  Also, check craigslist regularly for people in your area who have recently moved and are setting old boxes by the curb.  Free is good.

6.  Remove the drawers [even if empty] from your dressers.  Trust me.  Just do it.

5.  Be cautious of what you post on social media during this time:  not everyone needs to know the stage of moving that you have reached.  Share funny anecdotes or pictures, but hourly updates on not necessary.  Sidenote:  posting that you are finished packing before you really are might cause confusion with roommates or friends, as the case may be.

4.  Make sure that your pet(s) have a safe place to go during this process.  Moving is stressful for them.  They also have the potential reality of being obnoxious themselves if their name is Tanner and they’re an ankle-biter.

3.  Clean, clean, clean.  This especially goes for all you renters out there.  Want your security deposit back?  Clean things that you didn’t know were dirty.  Make sure to allow ample time for this process.  It will always take longer than you thought.

2.  Have refreshments, drinks, and a HUGE thank you for all of your helpers.  They’ve cleaned, lifted, arranged, traveled, and done everything you’ve asked them to do all day.  Show some appreciation.  Have water bottles cold, get them an adult beverage, buy them lunch or dinner, and make them feel your deserved appreciation.  They’ve rearranged their day to help you out in a big way — make sure you let them know.

1.  Last, but definitely not least, have a plan.  Everything goes better with a schedule.  Know how many boxes you might need.  Start gathering early.  Rent the moving truck.  Ask your helpers.  Get a headcount.  Arrange for whatever you can have done early — to be done early.  And stick to it.  It will make everything much smoother in the long run.

So with my next move around the corner — is there anything else that I’m forgetting?  What are your helpful tips for moving smoothly?


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