and i shall call him ‘squishy’

In preparation of moving from the suburbs to the city and also in celebration of a very good friend recently moving into said city — we have been attempting to explore the sites.

On the suggestion of a fellow city dweller, we made our way to the Shedd Aquarium for Jazz and Jellyfish [that wasn’t really the name of the event, but I like it better than the real one].  There is so much that I learned about Jellyfish from the exhibit that they had there … it is unreal.

The main points to take away:

1.  jellies don’t have brains

2.  jellies are drifters

3.  jellies are not hunters, and catch things to eat by chance

Now, call me crazy — go ahead, I’ll wait.

I’m not sure if I just described jellyfish or humankind.


1.  Yes, I know we technically have brains.  But we don’t always use them well.  We have so much capacity and potential to be so much — and yet we so often let opportunities pass us by and lap us.

2.  And if we’re speaking in scientific terms … we aren’t drifters either.  But how often do we drift away from truth?  from life?  from love?  from relationship?  from conflict?

3.  and well … if perhaps we aren’t just talking about physical food to eat [though sometimes i’m not sure where that’s coming from with my current budget situation ;)] … what if we might be talking about spiritual hunger?  do we soak up what happens by us by chance?  or do we explore what is out there in the world with discernment and guidance?

So was the exhibit more about jellies or people?  I’ll let you decide…..

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just a girl writing about life through this lens.....
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