deep thoughts: labyrinths

I’ve never been one for quiet meditation.  I’ve just never been any good at it.  My mind struggles to clear itself and just keeps on making lists and worrying and thinking about all the things that I should be doing instead.

I’ve been trying to improve this, and I think I might have finally found something that works for me — labyrinths.  Someone suggested using one to me, and after doing so — I think I’ve found a new obsession.

A labyrinth is based in Greek mythology — but has woven its way through many religions over the years.  It is a maze that has one way in — and one way out: symbolizing God’s will or God’s way in life.

No matter how I zig and zag while walking it,
No matter how far I think you’ve gone
No matter how far it seems until the center or the end
No matter how much I attempt to stray
and no matter how distorted the path seems

I always make it to the middle.

 to the center.

from this, I am able to center myself.
molding the center of the maze with the center of God.

[if you reside in Illinois … check out this to find one near you — trust me — it will be a-MAZE-ing]


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