don’t judge the french by the americans

On Friday, I returned from a trip to Europe — so excuse the writing a bit because I’m pretty sure I’m still jet lagged — and we visited 3 different countries overseas:  France, Netherlands, and Ireland.

I want to give you a mini-summarization through the eyes of yours truly — so welcome to part 1 of a mini-series entitled, “Stephanie’s European Reflections” [or something like that]

Let’s start with France — we spend all of our time in Paris and were there for about 3.5 days.  I was really excited to go to Paris — the atmosphere, the food, the Eiffel Tower — what’s not to love?  Oh, and I was excited about seeing all the rude French people and them being mean to us because we’re American.  That’s a tourist attraction, right?

Turns out, I got to see all the sightseeing things to see in Paris except for that last bit.  Where were all the rude French people?

It raises a question [among many] about the American culture, more than the French.  What does it say about me that I expected the French people to be rude and obnoxious — judging them before giving them a chance?

Guess what I learned?  Well, it turns out that the French people are actually that — people.  They were kind, funny, and gracious to us who knew no French outside of what one would learn in French 1 as a freshman in high school.

Lesson learned:  Don’t judge a book by its cover.  and don’t judge the French by the Americans.

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4 Responses to don’t judge the french by the americans

  1. Maybe they weren’t real French poeple?

  2. thepoolman says:

    I visited Paris for the first time in late March and early April of this year. (Info on blog if you are interested.) Everyone we encountered was pleasant, polite, and, as needed, helpful. The only jerk we met was an American in the Louvre. He was an Auburn Univ football fan and he took issue with my friend’s Alabama Crimson Tide cap.

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