cuz baby you’re a firework

thanks Katy Perry for the title.  appreciated. 🙂

happy 4th of July everyone!

so, yesterday turned out to be more patriotic than i originally bargained for:

  • at church the songs were ‘my country tis of thee’ and ‘america the beautiful’ [which, by the way, i think i could do a whole blog post on that in and of itself — noted for future reference]
  • went to the taste of chicago and that always makes me feel like its really the 4th and a holiday.  also, i ate a lot.  fun fact.
  • then, finally — the unexpected.  i went to the metra station near my apartment to pick up my sister around 9:30ish …. dog in tow.  while sitting and waiting in the car for the train to show up — i was actually in an awesome viewing position for the city’s fireworks.  i couldn’t have picked a better spot if i tried.  they were pretty awesome.
  • also, backtracking — on the way to the metra station i heard kady perry’s song on the radio for the 4th time today.  i think that counts for something patriotic.  no?  oh well … suit yourself.
anyway — i think i needed those reminders of this summer holiday today.  it’s been a crazy summer so far and it doesn’t look to slow down anytime soon.  sometimes i need a kick in the pants to tell me to slow down and watch the fireworks.
thanks, God … for that kick in the pants.  i deserved it.  and i appreciate it.
happy independence day!

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