esther 101

actually — this post is 100!  [not 101 as the title would suggest] welcome to a very special edition of Stepanana’s Stumbles!  this marks my 100th post, and so i thought I would do something special.  a friend challenged me to write a bible story in 100 words in honor of 100 posts — and i chose the story of esther.

so without further ado — here’s an original 100 word poem about the book of esther:

King Xerxes parties

Queen Vashti, too

performance time comes

Vashti, won’t do

new laws made

to make wives behave

persian idol was started

esther the fave

esther’s pretty

 mordechai smart

jews should be secret

just show her heart

six months in oils

more in perfume

esther,  bride

xerxes,  groom

guards were upset

plotted to kill

mordechai overheard

his deed penned with a quill

Haman ordered bow

 Mordechai refused

bowing only to God

For he was a jew

Haman said kill

Xerxes agreed

Mordechai fasted

Jews were in need

Timing’s everything

 Tricky plots braved

Esther advocated

And all jews were saved

my challenge to you, dear readers:  post on your own blog, or in the comments below 100 words about the bible story of your own choosing 🙂 i dare you….


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just a girl writing about life through this lens.....
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4 Responses to esther 101

  1. mcgilla says:

    dang girl! nice work!!! happy 100!

  2. tammy says:

    good job… think I can memorize this?

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