gorgeously ordinary

yesterday, the choir sang a big number that used the phrase, “Jesus is my rock” often.  throughout the song, my head got to creating some images to go along with the song — and i thought of Jesus as a sparkly opal or a shiny ruby.  how pretty.

there are other hymns that talk about Jesus as a rock, or a precious stone:

Lord, you are more precious than silver

Lord, you are more costly than gold

Lord, you are more beautiful than diamonds…

you get the picture.  gorgeous imagery.

and then my logical brain stepped in for a spell.  when God decided to live among us … he didn’t choose the most handsome blue-eyed, blonde-hair child, or the family with the most financial means, or the people with the most political influence, or even the funniest group in the village — he chose the ordinary.

important yes, but ordinary.

so if God chose the ordinary — what kind of rock would Jesus be?




all beautiful and precious.  but not ordinary.

i’d like to think that God would chose the ordinary rock.  the one that sits in your garden with your plants, or the loose gravel you walk upon on a trail, or the brick you use to build your house.   a rock that is ordinary in every way …. but placed at the cornerstone of the mountain so that everything you build upon it is connected and dependent upon that one rock.

i think that rock is Jesus.

Jesus rocks.

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