back in the day: according to a 17 year old…

I had an interesting conversation with a student.  He loves all things related to the era of the 1920’s and 30’s so conversation often shifts in that directions.  Always referring to something in that era and how it was so much in those days.  The good ole days.  [did i mention this student is 17?]

Today he said that a lot of people in his math class don’t do their homework and don’t care about the school work.  His theory is that it’s because kids are forced to go to school these days.  Back in the 20’s and 30’s you could go to school or not and you had other options:  work on the farm or in the factory — and that was acceptable.  Kids today don’t have all of those options.

Interesting point.

Naturally, as a teacher … I had to attempt to present the other side.  Society is different now.  Times have changed.  There are good reasons for policies and laws like this now.  He politely disagreed.  He’s allowed. 🙂

fast forward 3 hours ….

That afternoon — I was forced to go to a workshop for work that I didn’t think was necessary — I’m already familiar with the program they’re talking about and I have to cancel students in order to go.

and I’m actually sitting in said workshop as I type this.  That’s how much I’m paying attention.  I think my student is on to something.  Because I was forced to go to this workshop — I’m more likely to not care and find other things to do like facebook and blog when I’m supposed to be paying attention.

so, does forcing people to do things actually inspire progress?  What do you think?

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One Response to back in the day: according to a 17 year old…

  1. mcgilla says:

    favorite part….. he’s allowed =) (i know that wasn’t the point, and the point was excellent, and i like this kid) but how often do we not let it be ok. i love a friendly disagreement, it’s the best place to learn new ideas.

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