peace, love & caddyshack

As I flipped through the 5 channels that I get on TV, and I stumbled upon Caddyshack.

A classic indeed.  

This scene was the one I came in on ….. and while hilarious — it made me think a lot about life.  But you knew that was coming, didn’t you?

So, this girl throws the candy bar into the water — harmless, right?  Apart from ruining perfectly good chocolate … it’s not really hurting anyone.

The people in the pool aren’t expecting this.  They aren’t anticipating a piece of chocolately goodness floating in the pool [because 1. I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t float in real life … and 2. it really does resemble doodie] … they’re going about their lives, having fun in their comfortable worlds.

Then — it’s spotted.

Chaos — and hilarity — ensues.

How often does something get thrown at us in our lives [literally or figuratively], and we make a break for it like all the people in the pool.  We might not recognize it for what it really is — as in the case of the mistaken doodie — and we might not even see or test it out for ourselves as most of the people in the pool — most of them never even saw the candy in question, they fled on someone else’s word.

If just one person had stopped and given a closer look — the whole scenario could have been avoided.  Money spent, heartache, worry — all wouldn’t have happened.  Sure, it might terrifying and possibly gross to inspect the faux-doodie — but in the end, it would have saved a lot of trouble and you might have gotten a free tasty snack to boot.

So the moral of this story:  test all the potential doodie that gets thrown at you in life — you just might find some sweet, sweet chocolate.


About stepanana

just a girl writing about life through this lens.....
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