the case of the haunted lyrics

Two of my favorite — favorite might not be the right word, actually — but 2 sets of song lyrics that are just haunting to me every time I hear them seem so contradictory to what I believe about God and life in general when they’re out of context.

Take a gander:

First is from the song Closer to Love by Mat Kerney.  I really enjoy this song.  However, there are lyrics that just haunt:

She said she didn’t believe
it could happen to me
i guess we’re all one phone call from our knees 

There are so many ways to interpret that last line.  Someone calls and a person receives tragic news which drops the listener to their knees out of much distress. In contrast — it might also be interpreted as great news on the other end of the phone line that causes a person to drop to their knees out of pure joy and praise.

Second is even more haunting — and seems more contradictory to the face value of my core beliefs.  It’s from the song Breakeven by The Script.

I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing
Just praying to a god that I don’t believe in 

How desperate.  This haunts me at my core.  I long to delve into the mind of this person and learn about their heart.  How often have I been in that desperate place where I’m really not sure if anyone exists on the other side of my prayer.  This is where I grow.  It’s not a place I strive to be, however I’m grateful for the faith that comes after.  For a person who doesn’t believe in God … which seems to be true of the writer … I think it’s a sign of faith and a sign that we are persons created with, at the very least, a sense of a higher force in this world.  To pray when you have doubts about belief.  That’s faith.

What song lyrics haunt you?  How do you interpret them?

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