Themepark Transformations

As it is unofficially summer with Memorial Day finished … this post is in preparation for all those wonderful vacations you’re going to take this summer.

Take a deep breath.

Picture yourself on vacation — maybe with your spouse, kids, friends, other family, by yourself. Pretend that this year, you decided that you wanted to treat the group to a theme park for some rollercoasters and overpriced meals. You are pumped.

You get to the park — and it is fantastic. Everything you hoped it would be. You’re excited to be away from work, and excited to have some fun in Florida as well (come on, you know you imagined you were in Florida!)

but something happens. Something internal. That’s the only way I can describe it. Your attitude transforms from hopeful to self-serving. … and it starts rubbing off on everyone you encounter.

This is what I imagined happening to other people before my friend and I traveled to Florida over the Christmas/New Year holiday. While we were so pumped and crazy excited (i’m pretty sure we’re still 11, at times) — we quickly realized that theme parks must transform people. and not for the better.

I’m not sure what it is about being around lots of crowdedness, long lines, and expensive food that does this to people — but it was quite disappointing. I think they should make new requirements for the patrons of theme parks. I think you should have to sign an agreement that you will swallow your pride and at least attempt to show grace to the other people who also choose to enter the theme park on their vacation. I think I should suggest these things to Universal.

and while I’m talking about requirements for entry into things — I also believe that you should be required to answer certain basic trivia questions about Harry Potter before being allowed into that section of the park. If you walk by and ask if butterbeer is really “real beer with butter??” — then I think I have the right to giggle and just tell you “yes, yes it is”.

Since these contracts for theme park patrons are obviously not enforced yet, I urge you to sign a mental one the next time you venture out for some rollercoaster fury. Your fellow patrons will thank you. 🙂

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