I’m a Christian. I’m sorry.

It’s true.  I am a Christian.  and I’m sorry.

I’m not sorry for believing what I believe — but I am sorry of how that belief is perceived by others.  I’m sorry there are those who claim to be Christians and do things in the name of Christ that are hurtful and wrong.  I’m sorry that I’m hypocritical without intention — I’m sorry that I push others away from the gospel by my attitude and words.

In his book, Blue Like Jazz, Donald Miller talks about an experiment of sorts that he and his friend came up with in college.  They created a confession booth and invited people inside.  However, it wasn’t your typical confession booth — once the person was inside, Miller and his friend started confessing to them.  Confessing of all the hateful and unjust things Christians have done.

They have videos of some of these people — taken aback.  Many were able to let part of their guard down and open to conversation.  Some cried.  Many thanked them.  All were touched in some way.

I ran across the following video that reminds me of Donald Miller and his friend.  This is Chris Tse with his poem, I’m sorry I’m a Christian.  It’s powerful.

[disclaimer — he does drop the F-bomb twice.  might not want to view this at work]

I’m sorry, world.  I’m trying to do better as a Christian.

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2 Responses to I’m a Christian. I’m sorry.

  1. Nikki D. says:

    **LOVE** “Blue Like Jazz.”

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