never neverland

Do you ever watch something as an adult that you loved as a kid and wonder what in the world you loved about it?

Or the opposite … you see something from back in the day and it touches your heart all over again.

Timeless stories are like that, I suppose.

One of my favorite stories is Peter Pan.  Call  it a bit of an obsession.  I’ve read the book, seen the different versions of the movies, musicals, read the biographies of J.M. Barrie — the works.  Never the play — live action.  Just never made it that far.

Until this past week.

It was magical.

and it made me wonder … why do people respond to Peter Pan?  What is it about this piece of literature that makes us return to the story of a boy who never wants to grow up?

It makes us wonder, and remember, and forget all at the same time.  We allow ourselves to escape reality for a few minutes, to experience the magical world where innocence reigns.  Our inner child is summoned through the spirit of Peter Pan and able to take a few breaths to re-establish our own innocence for a few more moments in this crazy world.

I think Stephanie J. Block sums it up best in this song from the musical, “Piece”.  This is why never land is important:

What things from your past continue to captivate you?

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