my friend, the doctor.

Adulthood is one of those things that sneaks up on you for awhile and then all of a sudden … when you least expect it … BAM, it hits you like Emeril’s cayenne pepper.

My friends and I are at the point where there are lots of graduations — from college, from graduate school — and for one of us … from medical school.

When did I become old enough to have a doctor for a best friend?

Saturday, apparently.

On Saturday, she walked across that stage a Ms. and walked off of it a Dr.

the girl

This is the girl, who I went to openings of Toy Story movies and Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  

The girl who I drove around when I first got my license and all her mom had for advice for us was, “No giggling in the car.”

The girl who I sat next to after she got her license and wore a huge paper-mache frog’s head with the convertible top down.  

The girl who I sat with on the garage floor, changing a tire for the first time and laughing hysterically when it took us four hours. [it was due to all the stowage, I think]

The girl who tye-dyed countless articles of clothing with me in her basement, until we ruined her mother’s washing machine.

This girl is the doctor who will walk alongside you to bring you to health.  The next time you’re in Michigan — you should stop in and tell her hi.  I’m extremely proud of her, and I know her patients will be grateful for the experiences she has had in her life that have created the fantastic doctor who stands before them.

So, Dr. C. Lacher.  This post is for you.  Heal the world, friend.

p.s.  my friend Kristi has also dedicated her blog to Dr. Lacher — check it out.


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3 Responses to my friend, the doctor.

  1. mcgilla says:

    Congrats casey!! you are awesome! and somehow i didn’t know about a couple of these things…. we need a do over so i can join you in the convertible!

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  3. julie says:




    Congratulations, Dr. Lacher! =)

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