social media intervention

I suppose this is only fitting since I posted last week about how twitter made me a better person….

I was ambushed.

ok, perhaps that’s exaggeration …. but I felt a little like there was a hidden camera and I was on the show “Intervention”. In a completely innocent conversation [via phone, for the record], a friend told me that I have an addiction to social media. I denied it. I was defensive. I made jokes. I offended. I grieved. I excused myself. and then … well, then I wondered if she was right. While I’m still not sure of the answer to that one … here is some recent data in an attempt to shed some light on the subject:

All of this is scientifically founded, and please let the record show that blogging was not included on this survey due to insufficient data collection from limited history. Be advised that blogging will occur in the next data collection taking place in the next quarter.

So … am I addicted? Are you?


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2 Responses to social media intervention

  1. julie says:

    ROFLOL omg. You are hilarious! Now … do tell, please … how is it that you compiled this data exactly? Did you track time spent on each mode of communication over a period of time? or did you count the number of people with whom interact via the various forms? And how DID you create that amazing colored chart? I’m so enthralled with THAT, that I’m not even so concerned about the responses to the former questions. But mostly because I ALREADY KNOW you are addicted to social media. But I’m not complaining. LOL

  2. Stephanie says:

    it’s all a secret — I don’t know that I can reveal my methods in such a public forum 😉 I googled something about creating a chart and found a site that did it. I just put in the data 🙂

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