tweet, tweet!: how twitter makes me a better person

Yes, I know.  Call me an addict.  An internet junkie.

But seriously, Twitter has made me a better person.  Don’t judge me.  Or at least hear me out.

I was one of those people who created an account a long time ago just because everyone else was doing it.  It sat dormant for a long time.  Then, in the fall, I texted a friend and told her to convince me to use twitter.  With the help of smart phones, I was considering giving it a shot.  I decided to attempt tweeting on a trial basis.

and I was hooked.

The best I could explain why I preferred twitter to facebook or other sites was that twitter was more suited for my extremely random mind.  Which brings me to the better person part of the story:

My mind is random.  It’s one of those things that I’m usually searching for a way to resolve this issue.  I distract myself.  I can’t listen to a whole song in the car.  I sometimes struggle with listening to people during a conversation because I’m thinking about what I wanted to say next.  I feel like I have some great thoughts sometimes, but by the time I get a chance to flesh them out a little bit … I’ve forgotten what the great idea was in the first place.  It’s annoying.  This is the part where twitter makes its grand entrance.

Twitter allows me to empty my mind while still letting me get out those weird and random thoughts into the world in a tangible way.  Twitter allows me to be present with the people and the world around me.  Twitter allows my mind to clear and allows me rest.

So, yes, twitter is not just a trendy social networking site.

or maybe it is.  But its my trendy social networking site that helps me be present in the world.  So there.

What weird thing has improved your life?

p.s.  hit me up at @stepanana to be privy to my random mind 🙂

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just a girl writing about life through this lens.....
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