good friday: could we start again, please?

this day we remember with grief and confusion, the passion of Christ.  Tortured and beaten until finally breathing his last — his followers then, and his followers now join together with the songs of our souls in anguish.

did God go too far to get his message home?  did God make his point?  we might not ever understand the reasoning on this side of heaven.

and so today we grieve.

and question.

and remember.

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just a girl writing about life through this lens.....
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2 Responses to good friday: could we start again, please?

  1. John cyrus says:

    My question has always been, How can this be a sacrifice if Jesus knew he was god and that death was not final and with an eternal viewpoint, this little blip in his existence and piece of suffering was therefore extremely minor. Also, God the Father is said to have so loved the world as to give his son for this purpose, but again, with the knowledge that this was extremely transient, how is that really meaningful.

  2. stepanana says:

    and that’s one of the big questions, isn’t it? as christians, we believe that jesus was fully god, he was also fully human, so the death of his body was still death and still hurt. i’ve been questioning some of this theology myself lately. while i still struggle with the mystery … i do believe that Jesus died because of us. we are the ones who paved the way for his death … and in the resurrection we all have the hope of life.

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