cheapest trip you’ll ever take

today there is snow on the ground.  in mid-april.  so it only seems fitting to talk about alaska today.  also, sometimes when i get stressed and need some relief and don’t have the power or the time or the means to get away … i travel in my mind.  yes, i know that sounds dumb and very kindergarten-ish … but i’m serious.

one of the best places that i’ve been to [in real life] is alaska.  and i truly don’t think you’ve ever really experienced alaska until you’ve spent 10 days in a truck camper with your grandparents — but that might be a story for another blog.

the grents and our traveling home

i digress.

alaska is fabulous.  so much beauty.  the wildlife, the mountains, the great wide open.  since i haven’t the time or the means to travel back there at the moment … i thought i might take you along for a mind-trip from my time spent there in 2008.  enjoy!

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One Response to cheapest trip you’ll ever take

  1. juliegvillo says:

    Awww, mercy, Teff. I may have to come back here a LOT. *sigh* Beautiful! And the ones of nature aren’t bad either. ;o) Thanks for sharing!

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