let me count the ways…

Lately, I’ve had several people ask me why I blog. While I can never seem to give a coherent response in the moment, I thought I would give my own list of reasons for blogging —

I blog to answer questions. Questions like, ‘Why do you blog?’

I blog for peace of mind, and piece of mind. Depends on the day and post, but I think you know what I mean.

I blog to get the thoughts that are racing around in my head into a journal of sorts. Even on the days when I feel like no one is reading, I still feel held accountable for emptying the depths of my mind.

I blog to stay connected. Connected to friends, thoughts, the world, ideas, my own sanity.

I blog for conversation. Some posts are fun to read, some are downright sillly — but there are a few that I hope might spark actual thought in someone’s mind that eventually turns into conversation. Conversation can lead to healing and community.

I blog because I’m addicted to the internet. I find things all the time online that I think are thought provoking, hysterical, or just weird. I need an outlet for that. I have a human instinct to find a niche in the world — and this is mine for now.

Why do you blog?

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6 Responses to let me count the ways…

  1. juliegvillo says:

    I blog to reach out to the young adults in our faith community who told me — flat out — that a blog would be less intimidating for them than small group e-mails where there is a pressure to respond in a thought-provoking way when they’re overwhelmed by homework.

    I blog because it satisfies my need to write in order to make sense of my world and my faith and the points of contact where I see them connecting.

    I blog because YOU pushed me into it, kicking and screaming, knowing full well I would love it once I started. ;o)

    I blog in hope that someone somewhere is touched by something I have to say … that it heals a hurt or inspires a spirit or opens a heart to God.

    I blog because … well, because at this moment in time, I feel called to do so …. it’s part of adapting to the changing paradigm.


  2. amy dolan says:

    great post! i love that you blog –

    i blog because it often serves as my way of working out the the thoughts in my head. usually, when i start a post, i know exactly what i’m going to write, and then by the time i’m done – it’s totally different, and better! there’s something magical in the online writing process.

    keep on blogging!

    • stepanana says:

      totally agree … and i seem to do that all the time. i sit down with a couple of ideas and they turn into things that i didn’t even know were in my head. weird. and great!

  3. John cyrus says:

    Steph, your blogs are thought provoking and I do enjoy reading them. Julie, I find yours are also inspiring and wish that I could do it as well as you both do. While, I do have a facility with words and can and have “wordsmithed” various things over the years, when I try to put something down in a journal form, everything seems so trivial, that I feel why should I waste others’ time with my nonsense and I can’t seem to put anything on paper or web after that.

    • stepanana says:

      but that’s the great thing about the internet — you aren’t burdening anyone! people can choose to read or not, and you’re not forcing anything at all … my vote is DO IT! ๐Ÿ™‚

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