biggest rush ever

Saturday was pretty fantastic. … but the story really starts on Friday.

It had become my dream this year to go skydiving on April 1. I mean, how great would that be?? After getting lost horribly [shocking, I know] … it rained, it snowed, it was horribly cold, cloudy … all terrible conditions for jumping out of a plane. But we went to the center and filled out the paperwork, got ‘trained’ and made arrangements to come back the next day when it was supposed to be beautiful outside.

and what a gorgeous Saturday it was.

only one problem: the wind.

We actually made it all the up in the plane …. seconds from opening the door to start jumping when we got the call that it was too gusty and we couldn’t go. It doesn’t get much closer than that without jumping. So we got a free plane ride.

Shannon and I decided to hang around … and hang around we did. After spending all day there, we finally got the green light around 5ish that we were going to jump. So we got suited up again … and off we went. Really … there are so many words to describe it all, but you really just need to go do it for yourself to get the full experience.

[and p.s. I highly recommend the Chicago Skydiving Center in Rochelle, IL if you’re interested … and no, they aren’t paying me to say that 🙂 they were fantastic.]

and so for those of you who haven’t seen it yet … here’s what my experience looked like:

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