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last week i was walking down the hall at one of my schools and awkwardly walked through the middle of a 5th grade teacher reprimanding her entire class for being noisy in the hallway. [ironically, she was causing more noise than they were at this point … while still standing in the hallway] anyway, she told them that she shouldn’t have to continue to tell them to be quiet. should she have to tell them everyday? ‘no’ do they think she likes telling them the same thing everyday ‘no, again’ she claims to sound like a broken record.

as i was walking past, i had to try hard not to laugh at this one. really? a broken record? my generation doesn’t even know what a record is … much less 5th graders. i’m not sure they even know what a cd is at this point. [i’d like to mention at this point that the teacher was probably only in her 30’s…she should know better:)]

anywho, it got me thinking about what other idioms we use on a regular basis that are soooo outdated with our youth these days that it probably causes more harm to use them than it’s worth. here are some that i thought of … and how we might adapt them to the 21st century….

“she sounds like a broken record” becomes
“she sounds like when you preview the songs from itunes and keep repeating the same 30 seconds of a song because you just want a little taste”

“those new shoes are selling out like hotcakes” becomes
“those new shows are selling out like they’re 95% off on black friday at 4 a.m.”

“don’t quit your day job” becomes
“i hope you find adequate income supplements in this economic market despite your lack of talent in this particular area of expertise”

“that team just won the superbowl and i’m jumping on the bandwagon”
“that team just won the superbowl and now i’m going to follow them on twitter, facebook, and their fan page website”

“i just told my best friend a deep, dark secret and i hope she doesn’t spill the beans” becomes
“i just told my best friend a deep, dark secret and i hope it’s not wiki-leaked”

“he’s the best thing since sliced bread” becomes
“he’s the best thing since the iphone”

…and the list could continue on. 🙂

What idioms do you think are outdated?

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