random itunes: jj heller

So I’ve convinced myself that I might have one of the most unique tastes in music ever. [and I’m aware that everyone probably believes this about themselves.] I don’t mean that no one else likes the stuff that I like … because I dotend to like some of the mainline pop and rock music that the general population enjoys — but that I listen to it differently. I also enjoy-nay, require ….get ready for it… some High School Musical, random disney, and soundtrack music. It’s not really so much about the sound of the music as much as it is about the lyrics. I’m a lyrics girl. They’ll melt me. Or move me. Or inspire. Or really touch that emotion that I can’t really seem to put a word to at the moment and apparently these people have just written this song(s) for me. Maybe more people than I realize feel this way. Maybe not.

So anyway, I’ve decided to leave you with the song that is closest to my soul at the moment:


About stepanana

just a girl writing about life through this lens.....
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