the smell of a good book

i got a kindle this year. for someone who reads a lot and has limited storage space — this is an ideal purchase.

but i struggled with buying one

it wasn’t the cost. and it wasn’t the brand.

there is just something about a worn out paperback with the binding falling apart from love that caused me to hesitate. i admit that sometimes i like getting used books instead of brand new ones. and i LOVE borrowing books from other people. it’s like a secret insight into their heart. to see what they’ve underlined. to see what they’ve highlighted. to see what they’ve scribbled in the margins. i love the smell of a good book — one that you’ve had for years and years and you can flip to your favorite part and read it over and over again.

i think it was my great-grandpa who instilled this love of books in me. when i was little, he used to take my sister and i to the library on a regular basis and check out books with us. i grew up in that library. moving from easy readers to chapter books to books with no pictures at all. he taught me how to appreciate the smell of a library. to feel the awe of an author’s words. to love reading.

so the kindle is a transition.

perhaps i might eventually buy books exclusively in electronic form. maybe. even if that day is eventually upon us — you might still find my old paperback copy of Peter Pan tucked underneath my pillow for safe keeping. some things might not change — no matter how much the world does.

and perhaps my great-grandchildren will one day write about how i taught them to download books with “one easy click” — and how to browse’s website for freebies. and how they love reading, too.


About stepanana

just a girl writing about life through this lens.....
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