remember, not dwell

As I’m reading through Deuteronomy, there are many, many rules that God gives to the Israelites for life. Sometimes it seems a task to read through all of these rules that we don’t necessarily follow as main-line Christians today … but today I was reminded of a promise among all these rules.

Embedded within all of them, God states several times, “Remember that you were slaves in Egypt … ”

Remember that you were slaves in Egypt.

Why would God want them to remember something like that? If you were a slave, or in some horrible situation …. wouldn’t you want to forget about it? Push it from your memory. Going back to my post about forgiveness … people always say to ‘forgive and forget’ when bad things happen. Wouldn’t you want to forget that you were treated inferior to others, used and abused, and/or not able to do anything of your own accord?

I would. [or at least pretend that I forgot.] I’m good at that.

However, God doesn’t tell them to dwell on their old slave days … just to remember. And more so, remember the redemption that happened after that slavery. God redeemed his people. Remember the beginnings, where they/you/I started … not to stay and live in the past … but remember it and remember the redemption that can or has grown in the aftermath.

Instead of dwelling on the past, or worse, attempting to forget it happened … perhaps we should remember our experiences, for better or worse. Remember what we’ve been through and how God has redeemed us. Or, if we’re in that place right now … focus on the hope that God is a redeeming God and can work us through even the most dire of situations.

What redemption story will you remember today?

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