the color purple

Last night, I watched The Color Purple for the first time ever. I’m not sure how I’ve gone this long without seeing this movie. Thank you, Netflix. Anyway, the movie was fantastic — on so many levels. I usually like to read the book before seeing the movie, but I made an exception this time.

Here’s one of the scenes that I loved. Happens toward the end of the movie — it’s a bit cheesy, but still has some incredible meaning. Love love love.

When he was still a long way off, his father saw her. His heart pounding, he ran out, embraced her, and kissed her. The daughter started her speech: ‘Father, I’ve sinned against God, I’ve sinned before you; I don’t deserve to be called your daughter ever again.’

But the father wasn’t listening. He was calling to the servants, ‘Quick. Bring a clean set of clothes and dress her. Put the family ring on her finger and sandals on her feet. Then get a grain-fed heifer and roast it. We’re going to feast! We’re going to have a wonderful time! My daughter is here—given up for dead and now alive! Given up for lost and now found!’ And they began to have a wonderful time.

Luke 15:20-24, The Message [pronouns changed]

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