itty bitty moses

Moses was thick. for real.

I’m reading through the bible, and I thought I’d take you along for part of the ride. Congratulations.

right now I’m in Exodus — the book that is. God is asking Moses to do some pretty hefty things, I will give him that much. i mean, he asks him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, to speak out and organize this enormous task. that’s no walk in the park.

in explaining the big task, the shiny I AM shows some power. he turns Moses’s staff into a snake. he turns Moses’s hand diseased and back to normal. that’s some pretty fantastic stuff.

still Moses is scared. he tries to lay out his flaws. what if the people don’t believe him?

God sees that flaw — and raises him one: if those signs don’t make them believe then here’s a back up plan: just click your heels and the water will all turn to blood. (ew)

now Moses is terrified. “But I’m not a very good public speaker — you know I got a C- in public speaking.”

God, probably raising an eyebrow at this one — maybe thinking “good grief, Moses. have a little faith after what i’ve just shown you.” and finally says — ok, ok … you’ll have your brother, Aaron, to help you out with the speaking. we’ll play telephone to get the job done.

if this isn’t a story of grace, i’m not sure what is. God listens: to the excuses, to the “poor me” story, to the denial, to the disbelief… and still God uses Moses. this guy who can’t see past the end of his nose to the bigger story — couldn’t realize that this story wasn’t about himself, but about the exodus of the israelite people. God still used him for glory.

and how cool is that?

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