judy’s legacy

I might have a slight obsession with Judy Garland. I’ll blame it on my father’s love for the Wizard of Oz … but really I enjoy the real Judy — after all that over the rainbow stuff.

on the outside, Judy was a girl of fame and fortune. she grew up in the spotlight from the young age of 13 — and through a few marriages and 3 kids … she attempted to support herself doing what she loved: singing. her kids used to say that even though she had a lot of issues off the stage … that’s where she felt the most at home: on the stage. singing.

one of my favorite Judy clips is from her variety show that she had in the early sixties. the song isn’t hers originally. it’s from the musical, Showboat. but there’s something about judy’s voice and expression that radiates love and brokenness from the depths of her soul.

she was and still is an inspiration to many people — what a legacy to leave behind. here’s to you, judy….

what legacy will you leave behind?

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