risky grace

There are amazing people in my life. (However cliché that might sound) In the past and the present, I have been shown amazing love and support from many different people.

I have the type of old school friends where we laugh and joke all the time, but still recognize, on a regular basis, when another needs a word of encouragement or a proverbial smack upside the head when making “interesting” decisions. I’m not sure how common this is in your own life, but with some others that I’ve spoken to — it’s not the kind of friendship that you find around every corner. As a group we have moved and moved again to various parts of the country and it has yet to shake the bond that holds us together. For this, I am ever grateful.

Recently, my heart was overwhelmed with gratitude for all the grace and love I have been blessed with over the years. I have received the kind of grace that could only be born of unconditional love for another person. While I was deeply thankful for the support and grace I have found again in these amazing people — it struck me that it came about in an interesting way. Like I mentioned — our group has a knack for saying supporting things intuitively — however, this time was different. This time I asked.

I asked them for their support, told them my needs, my wants, my fears, my excitement — and they encouraged, loved, and inspired.

Sometimes I think we all are afraid to ask for this kind of support — even from our closest friends. We are fearful of the possible rejection, the conflict, the confrontation, the vulnerable state in with which we place ourselves. This kind of fear can be sobering — it can make or break you — cause you to hole up all of your questions and risks.

In this particular case, I took a risk and the benefits were ten-fold. In that moment, we created a deeper appreciation for one another that only comes from admitting weakness and asking for support. I hope that you are able to take these risks — however small or large they might be in your own life. You just might be surprised at the love and grace you receive in return. I also hope that you remember to show this grace and love to your own friends when they choose to start breaking down the wall they’ve built up — it takes a lot of courage, and at the very least, we need to acknowledge the strength involved in that process.

So, what risk will you take? Where can you show grace?


About stepanana

just a girl writing about life through this lens.....
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