hic. hic. hiccups

I am not a fan of hiccups. They are annoying. They are frustrating. They interrupt my life. They are unpredictable — both in length and intensity.

Not. a. fan.

The one thing that I do like about hiccups is taking a really long drink of water — slowly and steadily — which usually makes the hiccups go away. ahhhh….relief. I can resume my regularly scheduled life.

I’ve discovered that I’m prone to other types of hiccups as well — not just the physical kind. Hiccups of the mind. Hiccups in my attention.

Often I will start or continue on a path — and hic. hic. hic. I forget why I’m doing what I’m doing. I start making assumptions. I look for the easy road, or what I’m “supposed” to be doing. Sometimes it lasts for a short while — and sometimes not. Sometimes it is bearable — and sometimes not. Just like physical hiccups.

In these moments — where do I go for that long, refreshing glass of water? That water that will make the hiccups go away and allow me to regain my focus?


My hope for myself, and for you, dear reader — that when we have the hiccups we find the water we’re searching for. Not just water that allows us to continue on a certain path — but water that sustains and guides us.

What hiccups do you struggle with? Where do you get your glass of water?


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One Response to hic. hic. hiccups

  1. juliegvillo says:

    I like the way you relate hiccups in attention to interruptions in your “regularly scheduled life.” FUNNY! But true …

    When I have hiccups, I get my glass of water from prayer and meditation. That’s what helps me restore my focus, get things back on track on every level–physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually–and return to my “regularly scheduled life.” ;o) (I’m borrowing that phrase, btw.) :0)

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