armpit theology

I love the land of the middle school mind. It’s so interesting. So often we forget how we might have thought thoughts at that age, and I love being privy to these thoughts — especially in a Sunday School context.

Recently, we had a lesson on the body of Christ. How without one part of the body, the body doesn’t function properly and yada, yada, yada. Being the wonderful middle schoolers that they are — this immediately called for us to go off on a tangent. It’s a game that I’ve named let’s-see-how-many-body-parts-we-can-think-of-and-who-might-be-those-parts-of-the-body-in-the-church. While some of them might have been thinking more vulgar items — the comment that intrigued me the most was concerning armpits.

Yes. Armpits.

One of the kiddos wanted to know who would be the armpits on the metaphorical body of Christ. Hmm. Can’t say I’ve ever thought about that one. Surely the armpits serve a purpose, and have strengths. Perhaps we, as the church, are all armpits at one point or another. We get smelly and dirty — and all that we get is a little deodorant every now and then.

Strengths of the armpit? It supports the shoulder, right? What else?

Maybe we’re the armpits when we’re supporting others and ordering up a slice of humble pie.

Maybe we’re the armpits when we need a breather to figure out what’s next in life — and we let other parts shine.

Maybe we’re the armpits when we’ve forgotten who and whose we are and consequently become a bit smelly.

Maybe we’re the armpits when we keep things bottled up inside but eventually we end up perspiring on the shirt we’re wearing.

I can go with that. Sometimes, I think it’s ok to be an armpit. Bring on the Berry Blossom Teen Spirit.


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4 Responses to armpit theology

  1. Nikki D. says:

    Being married to the most awesome guy on the planet, I find armpits to be my favorite place of rest and comfort, whether it be in a hug or just cuddling at night. The best feeling in the world is laying on top of his arm and being snuggled up with him. It feels so safe and intimate.

  2. mcgilla says:

    the armpits kinda connect your arms to your body…. go with me here….. your arms (with your hands) are the doing parts…. and your torso… or heart…. is your feeling parts….

    so maybe we are are being the armpits of christ when we are doing with intention and love and not haphazardly or mindlessly.

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