Open the Door

At the end of August, my sister and I moved into a new apartment. Our particular building is small, with only 8 units total. We both really like the new place, and say the usual “hello”s to our immediate neighbors.

One of these neighbors has broke the mold.

One of these neighbors invited herself into our lives.

She lives upstairs and one day came to the door and introduced herself. Full of life, we had a nice conversation about moving in and the neighborhood. About a week later, she came back down to ask about this bucket sitting in the hallway marked, “poison”. She wanted to know what it was, with good reason. I told her I wasn’t sure, but I think it might be salt for the sidewalk. We laughed and promised that whoever found out about it first would let the other person know. She did.

When I arrived home last night, my neighbor and my sister were just coming down the stairs together. Turns out my neighbor needed help starting her fire and my sister made a phone call and helped her out. She came in to see our mantel. We went up to see her fire in the fireplace.

All of this to say, it’s amazing how much people can do for each other when they just open the door. She told us of how she had knocked on some of the other people’s doors in our building and how people didn’t answer even when she knew they were home. She said that she just wanted to introduce herself because this is her home and all of us in this building are all in this together. She was just thankful that we had opened our door. and my sister and I are glad we opened it too … it’s a start to a new relationship with the people around us.

Who will you open your door for today?


About stepanana

just a girl writing about life through this lens.....
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