the color green

a leap of faith.

diving in.

dropping the net to follow.

[insert other cliche saying here]

It’s a scary thought that what you’re doing with your life at the moment is not what you’re really called to be doing. I love my job. I love working in the schools with kids and staff.

It’s not where I’m called to be.

I think I’ve known this for several years. I went through what I referred to as a ‘phase’ a few years back as I explored a call to ordained ministry. It was too soon. I wasn’t ready for that quite yet.

However, the seed was planted. It stuck. It grew roots.

and now? well, now it’s back. I’ve gone to school. Graduated. Got a job. Gone back to school. Lost a job. Got another job. Graduated. Got another job….

It’s been an interesting road. I’ve tried it — I’ve tried teaching. I like it a lot.

and yet….

it’s not the color green.

About stepanana

just a girl writing about life through this lens.....
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