Like Stephanie, Like Tanner

A few weeks ago, I spent the weekend at my aunt and uncle’s house to hang out with my cousins and the dogs. My dog, Tanner, loves going to their house and playing with his ‘cousins’. In addition to that big exciting fun, there was also a lot of snow that fell the night before and into Saturday morning — and if you’re a dog, this makes the day extra exciting.

My dog, however, is quite a wimp sometimes. I can’t really blame him … as his little 6 lb. body is not really made for extreme weather. It’s just the way he’s made … how he was created.

But he loves the snow.

and so … he went out to play. He ran, jumped, and dug to his little heart’s desire in the snow. Until … well … this happened:

poor little guy...

as I was rinsing off his scrawny little legs … a thought struck me. My poor little puppy is so much like me. Especially in this moment. Sometimes I run myself around in circles trying to keep up with the ‘big dogs’ … and however fun that might be at the time … at some point … I get frozen with snowballs and am forced to stop.

At some point, I’m unable to continue on my own. I need to allow myself to be scooped up and rinsed off.

What is in your life that you keep getting tangled up in? Who scoops you up and rinses you off?

About stepanana

just a girl writing about life through this lens.....
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