No, no, I’m not referencing ABBA in this post. (catch that reference? voulez vouz? anyone?) Sorry to disappoint.

(though, note to self … that could be amazing ;))

I digress.

In the teaching world, we talk about our students experiencing ‘ah-ha!’ moments. That point in a lesson when you can actually *see* the student understand the material … and they run with it. They don’t just get it, but they GET IT. Get it? Got it? Good.

Today, I had one of these moments. It was a God ah-ha! moment. I should think of a term for this. (2nd note to self.) I was listening to a podcast where the people were discussing the scripture from the lectionary for the upcoming Sunday’s service. That’s right people, I’m a big nerd. I’m sure you’ve figured this out by now. 🙂 I’ve come to enjoy this aspect about myself. But I digress again…

I’m gonna quote him here:

“When God comes into the neighborhood, God executes justice for the oppressed, gives food to the hungry, sets the prisoner free. That is an upside-down kingdom and that’s what you see Jesus saying. “Look, look what I’m doing. I’m in continuity with the faithfulness with God, the father so that the blind, who are cast aside, and the lepers, who are made to live separately, and the lame, who are not allowed to approach the alter of the Lord: these people all are restored to community. It’s not so much, for me, the miracles that the blind see and the lame walk, but that through these miracles they are restored into Israel, which has systematically excluded them. So I think a continuity with the character of God is what’s important to me.”


This is one of those things that I think I knew for a long time, but wasn’t able to articulate. Perhaps one of the overlooked points of Jesus’s miracles is they were a method to inclusion. He included people who wouldn’t be otherwise. (This isn’t new information, I know) Maybe people, at that time, were not able to understand his fullness of inclusion. Inclusion is for you and me … and for the marginalized .. AND for the people who you wouldn’t DREAM of including. Everyone means everyone. And since they couldn’t understand this by just being told, however directly, Jesus says, “Here. Let me show you. This man is just as good and worthy and loved as you are. I know this. You are having trouble understanding this. I’m going to show you what I mean by restoring his sight so that you finally get the picture.” This man does not NEED to be sight-ed to be able to be included in God’s kingdom, but rather Jesus knew the hearts of the people and in order to get the point across quickly and strongly he restored the man’s sight and included him in the community.

Holy ‘ah-ha’ moment, Batman.

until next time, friends…

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